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Launch of “Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Conveyor Belt Technical Center”and New Product Release Conference of Double Arrow are complete successes


Recently, according to Administrative Methods for the Confirmation of China Rubber Industry Technical Center(Trial), through enterprise application, rubber hose and belt branch recommendation, expert review and association check, three enterprises have been certified as China Rubber Industry Technical Center, which is the first batch of confirmed technical center in conveyor belt industry, among which Double Arrow is listed in. Technical center launch and new product release conference were held in the multi-function hall 5F of Double Arrow institute at 9:30 am, Jun. 22.


More than 200 people attended the opning ceremony, including Deng Yali, president of China Rubber Industry Association, Zeng Xiaofan, director of International Science and Technology Cooperation Department of Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, local member representatives of China Rubber Industry Association, the key persons of Zhejiang Chemical Society, Zhejiang University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry, China Coal Technology Testing Center, Qingdao Testing Center and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes, technical directors of global top 500 enterprises from more than 20 countries such as the  United States, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, South America, Africa, South Africa, India, and Thailand, Xu Gang, deputy mayor of Tongxiang Municipal People's government, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Bureau of Economic and Information, Technology Association, Chen Zheng, Party Secretary of Zhouquan Town, dealers domestic and abroad as well as main company leaders.


At the meeting, the chairman of the company Shen Gengliang made a warm welcome speech, he said the success of China Rubber Industry Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Conveyor Belt Technical Center of Double Arrow would not have been possible without the care and support of the government and the public, as well as the efforts of managing unit and technical center participants. The confirmation of technical center is the best interpretation of Double Arrow’s core idea “Innovation and environment protection”, and also the gift for the past 30th anniversary. In the future, the company will continue to focus on the development direction of green technologies in the industry, vigorously carry out the cooperation of production and research, further enhance the capability of independent innovation, play the support role of science and technology, innovate the product management mode, speed up the industrial upgrading and improve the core competitiveness.


Deng Yali, director Ceng Xiaopeng and vice mayor Xu Gang also addressed speeches. They expressed their warm congratulations on the Double Arrow research and development center, which was selected as the "China Rubber Industry Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Conveyor Belt Technical Center ". They pointed out that the Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Center is a technological innovation platform with higher gold content and great influence. The recognition by China Rubber Industry Association shows that the technology research and development, energy saving and environmental protection, and innovation force of Double Arrow have reached a higher level in the industry. Double Arrow should take this as an opportunity to further enhance the strength of green technical research and development, and create a first-class conveyor belt innovation platform to provide greater technical support for China's rubber industry, especially the conveyor belt industry.


Company general manager Shen Huimin then launched the new product. Double Arrow signed a cooperation contract with Taiyuan University of Science and Technology and Taiyuan Xiangming Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd separately. Chairman Shen Gengliang and Deng Yali jointly inaugurated China Rubber Industry Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Conveyor Belt Technical Center. The conference closed in a round of applause.

The technical communication conference in the afternoon is divided into three branch as “Pipe Conveyor Belt”, “High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt, Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt, Air Cushion Belt”, “Corrosion Resistant, Oil Resistant, Cold Resistant and Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt”, which attracted a lot of foreign companies to have a deep exchange and discussion with company chairman Shen Gengliang, general manager Shen Huimin and relevant technical leaders on how to make green plan, lead green manufacturing, boost green consumption, strengthen the green technology innovation, perfect green products, promote green trade and build green enterprises so as to better adapt to the requirement of the domestic and foreign consumers for high-quality and green conveyor belt.


Over the years, Double Arrow has continued to strengthen the research and development of new conveyor belts through long-term technical cooperation with domestic and international first-class universities and research institutes as well as making full use of the advantages of enterprise technology research and development. For present, the company has achieved 86 patents, presided over the drafting of national standards and industrial standard 27, and successfully developed energy-saving and environment-friendly conveyor belt as aramid, anti-adhesion, different surface and high temperature resistant etc. for better adaption to the needs of market development.



The successful hosting of China Rubber Industry Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Conveyor Belt Technical Center Opening Ceremony and New Product Release Conference fully reflects the competitive advantage of Double Arrow in talents, scientific research and comprehensive strength etc., constant improvement of product quality and performance and the determination of product innovation. In the future, Double Arrow will rely on Chinese Rubber Industry Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Belt Technology Center, to further increase investment in science and technology, enhance the strength of science and technology research and development, actively undertake the leapfrog development of energy saving technology of rubber industry, forcefully promote scientific and technological innovation ability of green environmental protection, and make the Double Arrow Technology Center as the main participant of energy saving and environmental protection technology of the rubber industry and core strength of technological innovation.


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