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Chairman Shen Has Been Awarded as Jiaxing Excellent Entrepreneur of Social Responsibility


On May 28, Top ten in each Jiaxing Enterprise with the Most Social Responsibility, Jiaxing Entrepreneur with the Most Social Responsibility, Excellent Enterprise and Entrepreneur, after being selected through internet, newspaper poll and reviewed by committee for more than one year, were honored at the award ceremony of the first “Enterprise (Entrepreneur)with the Most Social Responsibility”, with its theme as “responsibility lead the future &build integrity Jiaxing”. Our chairman Shen Gengliang was also awarded.

In recent years, private enterprises in Jiaxing have made great contributions to the economic and social development of Jiaxing and to the development of social public welfare by making great efforts to reform, be creative, make progress, and undertake social responsibility. In order to enhance public awareness of corporate social responsibility, set up the model of responsible private enterprise, the first “Enterprise (Entrepreneur) with the Most Social Responsibility” was co-sponsored by Jiaxing Municipal Propaganda Department, Municipal Civilization Office, Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jiaxing Daily Media Group, and organized by Nanhu Evening Paper.

Responsibility leads the future and builds integrity. Double Arrow knows that the company’s reputation and popularity, not only rely on products and services to win the trust of the people, but also the social responsibility to return to society. Double Arrow has repaid the society all the time for more than twenty years. From the foundation of enterprise to present, we have funded several poor college students per year, and initiatively bear charitable named funds of Tongxiang City as 12 million yuan, thus win a great reputation in society. Double Arrow also takes insists on serving the people, bringing befit to the people and establishing a harmonious enterprise as its own duty, and strives to promote the harmonious development of enterprises and society. Double Arrow takes the initiative to bear the daily living expenses of the old people in the seniors’ home of Zhouquan Town, pays a sum of money to solve the daily expenses and medical expenses of the seniors’ home each year, so that the seniors do not have to worry about their life, which makes them realize the sense of security and happy. For the better care of seniors, Double Arrow took the lead in the establishment of the pension services company(Tongxiang Heji Pension Service Investment Co., Ltd.), whose investment is mainly used for the rehabilitation and pension service of seniors in Tongxiang City.

Jiaxing Enterprises(Enterperneur) Social Responsibility Report 2013 was also interpreted in detail from many aspects at the event, such as paying tax by law, technology service innovation, keeping honest, helping environment protection, being responsible to employee and customers, etc. Enterprises(Entrepreneur ) also talk about “What can I do for A Total of Five Water Treatment”, and also issued the proposal of “Practice in the Way I love Jiaxing to Help A Total of Five Water Treatment. The seminar also lunched the serial report of “Search for the Enterprises(Entrepreneur )with the Most Social Responsibility in 2014”.



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