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Carry Out Safety Training, Improve Employees’ Safety Awareness


In order to further improve the company’s safety management level, enhance employees’ sense of safety production responsibility and prevention awareness, prevent safety accident, Double Arrow has organized 3 safety education trainings for 1037 staff.


The training was lectured by the general manager, Mr. Shen Huimin. Mr. Shen gave a profound and detailed comment from five aspects of the work accident in recent five years, the urgency of safety management, the emphases of safety management, and all staff participation.


Through analyzing the data from the accident-prone months, accident types, number of accident, and work injury medical expense from 2012 to 2017, it is concluded that the mechanical injuring accident spots were from crane, pulley and reeling. From each unforgettable case, combined with safety operation procedures, Mr. Shen took a comprehensive and deep description on the causes, nature, responsibility definition, and how to prevent and properly handle for all types of accident. Mr. Shen also asked the operators must comply with the operation procedures strictly; the managers must keep supervising; and the maintainers must ensure safety operation.


Double Arrow will focus on the following points of safety management: a. Re-training and assessment for the safety operation procedures; b. Strengthening hazardous operation management, clarifying responsibility and supervision; c. Conducting KTY activities; d. Reinforcing the collection of false accident, adhering the principle of “Four reasons cannot be let pass”; e. Focusing on supervision of corrective and preventive measures and rectification for all types of accidents; 6) Establishing safety inspection teams to strengthen supervision and supervision for safety management.



At the end of the training, Mr. Shen put forward the requirement for all employees participation in safety production, and emphasized that managers should rather strictly strengthen supervision to prevent the employees from bleed; The employees should comply with the principles of “Three No” (no violations, no hidden dangers, no accidents) and “Four Don’t” (Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t hurt others. Don’t be hurt by others. Protect others from hurt. ) to achieve the safety strategy goals of eliminate fatal accidents, reduce injuries, and prevent catastrophic events.


Recently, Double Arrow will carry out retraining and examination for all employees in accordance with “Safety Operation Procedures”.



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