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Keep Creating Value for Customers


From June 9th to 11st, 2021, China International Sand and Tailings and Construction Solid Waste Treatment Technology Exhibition was held in Zhengzhou. Double Arrow was invited to participate and Mr. Bao, the Sales Director, attended the exhibition.

The highlight of this exhibition was the display of advanced Impact Resistant Conveyor Belts, which has the properties of excellent impact and cut resistance. With a specially constructed textile of complex fiber, the impact resistant conveyor belt enhances strength of tensile, makes small elongation and shows high flexibility in belt use, which significantly extend belt life under extreme conditions.

Through unremitting efforts, Double Arrow once again stands out in the industry for its superb technology and superior quality. Outstanding R&D design attracts many customers’ attention, which consolidates the existing relationships and exploits the potential customers and markets.

This exhibition is not only a feast of the conveyor belt industry, but also a harvest journey. On the one hand, Double Arrow reached cooperation agreements or intentions with many customers. On the other hand, the company had friendly exchanges with peers of tracking the latest trend and broadening the horizon, which brings new opportunities and infinite possibilities in the future.

Recent years, Double Arrow has achieved long-term development in the conveyor belt industry and developed a series of new products such as long-distance environmental protection & energy saving conveyor belt and intelligent conveyor belt. Despite of these remarkable outcomes, the company insists that there is still a long way to go. Double Arrow will continue to accelerate the R&D process and keep creating tangible values for customers.


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