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Planting Double Arrow safety culture and building a one-stop experience base


On the morning of April 7, at the Double Arrow Safety Culture Education Center, company president Shen Gengliang officially launched the year of preparation with the first group of trainees made up of 20 mid-level and senior leaders.

The Double Arrow Safety Culture Education Center focuses on instruction in national workplace safety guidelines and policies combined with the president's commitment and company philosophy to ensuring workplace safety involving rotating equipment, ladders, forklifts, traffic safety , etc., with the help of all-round and multi-dimensional safety education short videos, let people have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the risks and hazards of various illegal operations.

What's more worth mentioning is that, on the basis of the company's many years of experience in safety production education, the Double Arrow Safety Culture Education Center draws on the experience of the "Safety Dojo" at the Kakogawa Factory of Bando Company in Japan to compare the "mechanical injury simulation experience machine" in the first re-engraving, a somatosensory area is specially set up, allowing people to simulate and experience various dangerous operation scenarios with the help of props on site, to have a deeper perception, comprehension, and reduction of hidden risks of production safety, and to improve safety awareness and prevention capabilities. 

Employees are the most important assets of an enterprise, and it is an unshirkable responsibility and obligation of an enterprise to ensure the safety and health of employees. We hope that through the safety culture education center, more employees can gain a deep understanding of the company's safety philosophy, master the correct safety operation knowledge and skills, and avoid injury accidents. 

In the later stage, based on the height of the industry, we will use ourselves as a template and starting point to continuously optimize the corporate security system through full-staff training and full-staff experience, and actively undertake corporate social responsibilities, taking this as a topic to carry out comprehensive propagation.Build a new safety system for the entire life chain of the conveyor belt industry. In the place of the radiation use propagation.


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