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Unique in the industry | Double Arrow explores dual "product and factory" carbon neutral certification


Dear friends in the “peak carbon and carbon neutral” industry:

Double Arrow is honored to announce to you that we have passed the SGS "carbon neutral" audit and certification and become the only company in the industry to achieve dual "product" and "factory" certification.

"Making the transportation of materials more efficient, economical, safe and environmentally friendly" is the corporate mission that Double Arrow has been practicing and constantly advancing. The concepts of sustainable, green, energy-saving, clean, circular and low-carbon development are deeply rooted in the company. Through a series of actions such as green strategy, green design, green procurement, green smart manufacturing, green management, green service and green improvement, Double Arrow provides customers with low-carbon, energy-saving, eco-friendly products and transportation and efficient by building low-carbon and green factories. Plan to support the global goal of "peak carbon and carbon neutrality".

As a leading enterprise in the conveyor belt industry, Double Arrow has continuously extended the industrial chain and innovated marketing models in recent years, actively researching and developing long-distance environmental protection conveyor belts, low-carbon energy-saving and high-efficiency conveyor belts, intelligent conveyor belts and other high-end products that lead the high-quality development of the industry. In addition, Double Arrow is also actively cooperating with upstream and downstream enterprises to jointly build a new zero-carbon industrial system and accelerate the green and intelligent transformation of the conveyor belt industry.

Finally, we sincerely appreciate your support and trust in Double Arrow. We believe that in the future, more and more partners will actively join the "low carbon" and "zero carbon" building team and promote the green concept of the whole lifecycle, related technology applications and services to all regions of the world, so that the "Flower" "green zero carbon" flourishes forever in the conveyor belt industry!



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