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Exceeding 70 kilometers! Double Arrow won another order of over 100 million yuan


Recently, another good news, a large order of more than 100 million yuan won by Double Arrow. The project contract signed by Double Arrow this time contains a conveyor belt with a total length of over 70 kilometers.

The project is invested and constructed by Chizhou CNBM New Materials Co., Ltd. and contracted by Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd. (Sinoma) with an annual output of 40 million tons of building aggregate and port corridor integration project. It consists of three parts: mining and processing of mineral products, corridor transportation line and wharf. The corridor project is located in Chizhou City, Anhui Province, with complex road conditions and terrain, passing through 4 towns in total, including about 13 kilometers of tunnels and about 25 kilometers of elevated roads. The project design transportation capacity is 60 million tons/year. The project is mainly used to change the traditional road transportation mode, build a closed transportation belt corridor, use intelligent means to monitor the whole process of sand and gravel transportation, and build a low-carbon logistics and green supply chain.

The signing of this contract shows that Double Arrow has been recognized and trusted by customers with its comprehensive competitive advantages such as leading technology level, excellent product quality and perfect service system. Over the years, Double Arrow has led the development of the industry with its strong research and development capabilities and a number of core technologies, especially in the design and manufacture of ultra-long-distance conveyor belts, which have repeatedly set world records. The matching conveyor belt products have strong bearing capacity and wear resistance, which can meet the high-strength requirements of conveyor belts in mining and other fields; the application of new materials can effectively reduce energy consumption and friction in the transportation process, and improve transmission efficiency And achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction; the special structural design can ensure efficient and stable conveying performance under severe working conditions such as high load and high operation, and provide customers with low-carbon and reliable conveying guarantee.

As the global material industry has entered a new stage of high-quality development with a label of green, low-carbon and digital intelligence, Double Arrow will take this opportunity to build a benchmark for green logistics and delivery, and provide customers with low-carbon and intelligent delivery services , to realize the sharing of ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits. In the future, Double Arrow will continue to focus on customers, take the market as the starting point, pioneeringly develop new products and new applications, strengthen the research and development of low-carbon smart products, and cooperate with customer in "carbon" and "smart" to create a new industrial system , to provide more high-quality products and services to the world!


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