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Straight Warp Conveyor Belt


Straight warp conveyor belts are suitable for conveying materials in larger drop height, high

load and high speed occasions, which are widely used in mines, ports, electricity, etc.


Thin carcass:

Replacing the multilayer structure with 1 or 2 plies, which will reduce 7%~17% of the full thickness

and improve sinuosity, making the belt running well with the smaller pulley, and the single roll length

will be 400~500 to reduce loss.

High strength:

With the special weaving method of high denier fiber, the tensile strength of the fabric layer will be

improved, and the working elongation of the conveyor belt will be reduced.


Excellent toughness:

The special structure of straight wrap can absorb impact better than ordinary EP or NN fabric, which

will extend the service life of the belt.





Standard Specifications


Cover Grades

In accordance with ISO14890-2013 standard


The values will help to determine the appropriate cover compound for the application or for the materials carries. Reliable assessment of the behavior of the covers in service for wear and cut resistance cannot be determined from tensile strength, and abrasion values alone.


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