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Solid Woven Conveyor Belt


It’s mainly used for conveying materials in underground coalmines, which can be divided into PVC type and PVG type. For the PVC type, both the top and bottom cover is PVC rubber cover, with the coating rubber thickness of ≥0.8mm and at a slope angle of <16°; For the PVG type, both the top and bottom cover is rubber blends PVC, with the coating rubber thickness of 1.5~4.5mm,and at a slope angle of <20°.



The belt, with great flame resistant and anti-static properties, can fully satisfy the requirements of MT914-2008. The belt uses high strength, low elongation, high quality polyester filament in warp, and high strength, moderate modulus nylon filament in weft. So that the fabric has advantages like high strength, low elongation, light carcass, free of separation of plies, shock resistant, anti-tear, good troughability and so on.

PVG type is covered with covers mainly composed of rubber, which further improves the troughability, resistance to wetness and slip, resistance to low temperature, elongation and wear resistance of the belt. Thus it can not only enhance the slope angle of conveying but also elongate life of belt.



Standard Specifications


Rubber Covers


Safety Properties



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