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Low Rolling Resistance Energy-saving Conveyor Belt (NEW)


It’s suitable for long-distance transportation of materials in mines, ports, electricity, chemical industries, coalmines etc.


According to the research in recent years, about 61% of the energy consumption of the total driving energy consumption by the conveyor belt in the horizontal direction is used to overcome the indentation rolling resistance of conveyor belt in passing rollers and pulleys.


  • The viscoelastic property of the belt itself is the essential factor to produce indentation rolling resistance.

  • By reducing the indentation energy loss to reduce energy loss, used as the low rolling resistance rubber at pulley side.

  • Based on the original development, Double Arrow cooperates with the United States Conveyor Dynamics Inc. (CDI), jointly developed ultra-low rolling resistance rubber (SLRR)




Standard Specifications


Note:  Cover thickness, cord diameter, and cord pitch can be manufactured according to customer’s requirements.

Rubber Covers

The cover can be divided into the following types in accordance with its usage.

LRR: General low rolling resistance rubber, which will save approximately 15% of energy in entire conveying system.

SLRR:Super low rolling resistance rubber, which will save approximately 20% of energy in entire conveying system.

 FLRR:A low rolling resistance rubber with general flame resistant property.


The China Yubei Logistics Base project with the single line of 30km proves that the FLRR low rolling resistance rubber can reduce

up to 25% of energy loss comparing to ordinary rubber.


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