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Fabric Pipe Conveyor Belt


Fabric pipe conveyor belt is a new type of conveying belt which uses EP/NN as carcass, high elastic, high anti-abrasive and high strength rubber as working surface. It’s mainly used in conveying materials which are easily polluted like power, granular materials, etc. when working, the rubber belt changes its form from flat to U shape and finally to pipe, folding the materials and realizing the process of enclosed conveying.


Enclosed conveying of materials, protecting both the materials and the environment.

Steep angled conveying, the conveying angle can reach 30° usually.

Conveying line can be arranged according to the curve of space.



Standard Specifications


Note: It can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Pipe Diameters


Cover Grades

In accordance with HG4224-2011 standard

管 覆盖胶.png

The values will help to determine the appropriate cover compound for the application or for the materials carries. Reliable assessment of the behavior of the covers in service for wear and cut resistance cannot be determined from tensile strength, and abrasion values alone.


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