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Anti-tear Steel Cord Conveyor Belt


It’s suitable for transportation of hard and sharp materials in larger drop height occasions, used in lines of mines, ports, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry, coalmines, etc.  


The anti- tear conveyor belt has highly extensible transverse steel cords or polyester cords evenly arranged in the top cover (or both top and bottom cover) of the steel cord carcass. The anti-tear layer is perpendicular to the running direction of belt. When the belt conveys hard and sharp materials, the anti-tear layer can stop it from being pierced. Even if the belt is pierced, the anti-tear layer can still prevent it from being torn.



Standard Specifications


Note:  Cover thickness, cord diameter, and cord pitch can be manufactured according to customer’s requirements.

Cover Grades

In accordance with ISO15236-2016 standard


The values will help to determine the appropriate cover compound for the application or for the materials carries. Reliable assessment of the behavior of the covers in service for wear and cut resistance cannot be determined from tensile strength, and abrasion values alone.


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