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Fabric Conveyor Belt


Fabric conveyor belts are suitable for medium and long distance, heavy load and high

speed transportation of materials, which is widely used in mines, metallurgy, architecture,

ports, electricity, chemical industries, etc.


   ■NN fabric

      - High stability

      - Short pulley diameter

      - High heat resistance

      - Strong anti-shock

      - Excellent adhesive force to rubber

 ■ EP fabric

      - Low elongation

      - Strong anti-shock

      - Excellent adhesive force to rubber

      - High stability

      - Temperature≤140℃

       (It will decompose over 140℃)



Standard Specifications


Note: It can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Cover Grades

In accordance with ISO14890-2013 standard


The values will help to determine the appropriate cover compound for the application or for the materials carries. Reliable assessment of the behavior of the covers in service for wear and cut resistance cannot be determined from tensile strength, and abrasion values alone.

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